To whom it may concern.

We have been using the Gator Lock for the past five years and have been very pleased with this product.  The City of Boulder has used other traffic sign anti-theft products on the market and has determined the Gator Lock is the best value for our budget.  We now use the Gator Lock on all of our signs in the City of Boulder.  

We like the Gator Lock for four main reasons: labor savings, less sign theft, less sign damage from wind storms, and the ability to install and replace signage easily.

The Gator lock is very easy to install and remove when using the Gator Socket.  While installing new signs we feel the Gator Lock is less expensive to use than drive rivets and other anti-theft products. Our cost to replace signs has gone down because we no longer have to pull the post to replace the sign.  Our Sign Shop labor savings have been significant and our cost analysis shows it is the best value on the market for our budget. 

Our sign theft has been reduced.  People have tried to steal our signs but have been unsuccessful – the Gator Lock works great!  Less sign theft translates into improved safety for our City.

Boulder Colorado can be a very windy place.  We use the 3M DG3 reflective material on our signs and the Gator Lock firmly holds the sign in place thus reducing damage due to sign wobble, (because the size of the gator lock is much larger.) Wind is no longer a problem.  Other products – like drive rivets and other smaller anti-theft products, allow the sign to rattle around during windy days and the signs are damaged.  Our signs then need to be replaced more often – increasing our costs.

The Sign Shop welcomes all new creative products and cost saving ideas.  We will continue using the Gator Lock and recommend it highly.  

P.S. If you have any concerns about the Gator Lock system please feel free to contact me.


Bud Stringham

Maintenance Operations Assistant City of Boulder Sign Shop
Office 303 413-7123
Fax 303 413-7189
E-Mail stringhamm@bouldercolorado.gov