About Gatorline Products

Gator Lock’s patented design encases the nut or lag screw, making unauthorized removal extremely difficult. Installation and removal requires the Gator Lock thin-walled socket – the machined tool specifically designed to put up of take down road signs.

Gator Lock’s beveled-wall exterior is designed to deflect blows from hammers.

Gator Lock’s are available in two sizes machined from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum (1/2” & 9/16”) or 9 colors of UV resistant durable polycarbonate to match most road signs.

Reduce retrofit labor costs by 30% 
• Railroad Crossings 
• Stop Signs 
• Yield Signs 
• State & Federal Park Signs 
• BLM Signs
• Speed Limit Signs 
• Wrong Way Signs
• College Signs

The only product on the market that is designed to safely secure lag screws in wooden posts.
Use Gator Lock’s thin-walled socket to put up or take down signs.

• Low Cost

• Maintenance-free locking system secures signs

• Easy on/Easy off

• Time and Money

• Stop paying for new signs and labor to install them

• Easy to remove with the proprietary thin-walled socket

• Reduce retrofit expense!

• More Sign Wobble

• Gator Lock holds signs securely to the post during high winds

Low-cost Gator Locks not only protect public safety, it will save thousands of dollars otherwise spent on sign replacement and labor costs. Reduce labor costs by 30%

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